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In the world of medical writing, it is unusual to find a writer that has the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in both science and business. While most medical writers only specialize in one of those aspects, the husband and wife team at Medical Communications Depot, Inc. uniquely encompass both skills sets, offering a broad range of exceptional services to their clients.

Company President Maria B. Vinall has been a publication specialist in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years and possesses a diverse portfolio containing almost 3 decades of project management experience in various settings including business and education. Her sound business sense partnered with her interest in medicine and health economics make her a rare commodity in the medical writing business.

Her husband and company Vice President Phil E. Vinall has worked in the field of science and medicine for the entirety of his adult life. His research skills and publications, including clinical manuscripts and reviews, have received significant acclaim from the medical community.

The combination of this team’s business sense and extensive experience in science writing make MedComDepot the ideal medical writing company. You can be confident that the principals will personally be handling every aspect of your project from the technical to the business; outsourcing to another company is not part of our business practice.

To keep up with the evolving needs of their clients, MedComDepot is always adapting and expanding their capabilities. As part of their long term association with MD Conference Express®, MedComDepot covers many of the major medical meetings in the US and Europe. These conferences not only provide unique opportunities for their clients but they serve to keep the principals up-to-date on the latest medicine and science.

MedComDepot has the ability to meet all of the medical writing needs and publication planning that your company is seeking. Our diverse educational and professional background and commitment to service has placed us among the most successful of the small medical writing companies.

To get more information on our services or request writing samples, contact us here.

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