Professional Medical Writing Assistance

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Why Use Professional Medical Writing Assistance for Scientific Publishing? More than 1 million bio-science papers were published in 2015. However, the assistance of a medical writer was acknowledged in only 6% and 11% of these papers.(1,2) Given these numbers, it would seem fair to conclude that the writing needs of a large number of the… Read more »

Medical Tourism

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Medical Tourism Medical tourism sounds exotic. In reality, however, the tourism part has little to do with most patients’ motivation. Unlike the past when traveling to receive medical treatments was the province of the wealth, today it is a response to 3 things, globalization, a general increase in travel, and the rising cost of medical… Read more »

Medical Writers Speak Podcast – MedComDepot

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Medical Writers Speak- Podcast Latest episode “In this episode, I talk to Maria and Phil Vinall, who both have backgrounds as medical writers in pharma and are now freelance. We talk about publications planning, what it’s like to work together as a married couple, and the joys of being able to work from anywhere –… Read more »